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ROC public inquiry

ROC public inquiry

On 7 April 2022, Belgoprocess filed an application with the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control based on Article 12 of the Royal Decree of 20 July 2001 with regard to general regulations for the protection of the population, workers and the environment against the danger of ionising radiations, hereinafter referred to as the "general regulations", for the expansion of the Belgoprocess Site 1 with a new facility for the reception and storage of unconditioned radioactive waste (Building 165X also referred to as ROC), hereinafter referred to as "the project". The application concerns a site located at Gravenstraat 73, B-2480 Dessel.

The primary objective of the project is to create sufficient and appropriate storage capacity for unconditioned waste which is already present at Belgoprocess sites, or which will be produced by Belgoprocess, or which comes from third parties. The waste in question is in temporary storage pending further processing. In addition, the project fulfils a second objective, that being the possibility of accommodating radiological characterisation measurement equipment in order to perform non-destructive analyses. In this context, the design also includes a temporary buffer storage for conditioned waste.

Public inquiry

From 28 October to 27 November 2022, the public enquiry organised by the FANC took place concerning building 165X, the so-called "ROC project", of NV Belgoprocess. During this period, the FANC received about ten reactions, which were analysed after the end of the public enquiry in order to determine whether, on the basis of these reactions, it was necessary to make a significant modification to the dossier (in particular to the environmental impact assessment report or the preliminary safety report) and/or whether it was necessary to include additional requirements by means of possible permit conditions. The reactions received and their analysis were included in a note from the FANC. In coordination with the Flemish government, a decision was then taken on the environmental impact assessment report.

As part of the processing of this application for authorisation, the FANC will now submit this dossier to the Scientific Council for a reasoned opinion, in accordance with the General Regulation.



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